Blackmores Digital Health Checks

Hugely engaging WebGL interactive surveys that help Australians get an understanding of their wellbeing (and their dog's).

PAW by Blackmores Dog Wellbeing Check

The Blackmores Wellbeing Check (below) was a huge success when it first launched, helping everyday Australians get insight into their wellbeing. With 38% of households owning a dog, how was the everyday Australian meant to care for his or her best friend without some insight into their pup's wellbeing? I worked with PAW by Blackmores and the PAW veterinarians to bring to life the Dog Wellbeing Check. The check is a fully responsive WebGL experience centred around an animated dog, helping dog owners visualise and diagnose their dog in real time.


I assembled and managed an amazing team to bring this to project to life:

  • Matteo Grand: Research, experience design, team construction and project management, client management.
  • Drew Kilpatrick: Interface design.
  • André Venancio: Frontend development (WebGL).
  • Born From: API development.

Blackmores Wellbeing Check

Following on from the success of the Blackmores “Be a Well Being” movement, Blackmores required an owned channel to be developed to enable them to collect consumer data, inform, converse with and reward their consumers. The goal was to initiate an ongoing consumer journey for the Blackmores brand.

Constraints & Challenges

Though Blackmores weren’t sure what they needed when they came to Holler, they knew what they didn’t want. Holler was presented with a number of constraints around data security, accessibility, language, and target demographic.

Oh, there was also an insane time constraint of 6 weeks and it had to be fully responsive!

The Solution

An immersive game-like survey built in webGL that analysed a User’s responses, benchmarked them against the rest of the respondents, captured an email address, and put the User on the path to wellbeing. Simple.


  • Conversion: 43% of those who arrived at the landing page started the check.
  • Completion: 90% of those who started the survey completed the check.