Manner B2B Insurance Marketplace

Manner is the B2B matchmaker for the General Insurance industry, helping Insurance Brokers find products to cover their clients’ risks.

Manner is the B2B matchmaker for the General Insurance industry. In simple terms, we help Insurance Brokers find products suited to their clients’ needs in the market. The Insurance market is growing quickly, and fragmented beyond belief. Prior to Manner it took Insurance Brokers 4-5 days to find suitable cover options for their clients. We reduced that down to a matter of seconds.

I was fortunate to have been involved in the project from day one and my remit was to help being the company to early commercialisation. That’s fancy speak for delivering an MVP. I worked with one of the other cofounders from October 2016 till May 2017 to ensure the MVP was squeaky clean and the business was setup for success. In this time, we pivoted twice - once was a brand pivot, the other was a concept pivot. We set out under the name “Riisk” to build a social network for the industry, and after extensive user testing we delivered a matchmaker as “Manner”. What a journey.


Cofounder, Strategist, UX guy, Designer, Researcher, Marketing Manager, etc...


Matchmaker, connecting an Insurance Broker with an Insurance Underwriter based on a client’s risk profile.


The Insurance industry has rested on it laurels for decades, with business processes remaining unchaged for nearly 50 years. Because of this, Insurance is wildly regarded as the next frontier of innovation. That said, this innovation is happening very slowly for non-consumer-facing products.

Our mission is to bring simplicity to the distribution of insurance products. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with a company’s products, they are very cautious to give you too much lee-way. The tax we had to pay was to start small, find a niche insurance product, prove our worth there, and then expand out.


Manner was able to secure partnerships with some very notable industrey players to help seed the sentiment of legitimacy amongst our broader target market. With these partnerships in place and a proven workflow for Professional Indemnity, Manner was able to quickly branch out and tackle new lines of insurance. 37% of Australia’s insurance industry is currently in Manner’s salesp pipeline after having only launched in May of 2017.

  • Speed: Manner reduced the time it took to find cover options from days to <30 seconds.
  • Efficiency: Manner’s ROI for one customer in one week was 26,500%
  • Volume: $3,196,000,010 of insurance cover is currently advertised on Manner