Helping an independent artist share her work


Jessica Yolanda Kaye

Designed website and branding pack.

Designed key customer moments, such as certificates of authenticity.

Built the site in Webflow and automated business processes.

Jessica is an independent artist based in West London (and happens to be my girlfriend). Jess has been an artist her whole life, though only started sharing her work with the world a few years ago after having quit her career in advertising. 

The way the art world works is interesting - I’d say it is one of the last industries that is ripe for disruption. Galleries generally take the lion’s share of what an artwork sells for, providing ‘legitimacy’ to artists and acting as gatekeepers for investors. Without formal art training and following a very specific trajectory, which Jess never did, it is near impossible to break onto the art scene, putting a huge amount of pressure on independent artists.

As an independent artist, Jess is responsible for everything pertaining to the sale of her works, from painting the artworks through to marketing, selling, and distributing them. It’s a great deal of work. I helped Jess reduce the load by building her site using Webflow, and automating as many processes within her business as possible using Zapier. The site and its automations are in constant evolution.


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