Guiding travellers around a once closed country


Saudi Tourism

Developed a strategy that comprehensively considered online and offline.

Developed a product roadmap to accompany overarching strategy.

Managed a distributed team across South America, Europe, and Middle East.

"The strategy ... landed perfectly and solves a lot of problems along the customer journey. He collaborated well to bring this strategy to life and we look forward to our next project together."
Martin Verdult, Managing Director

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been steeped in mystery for as long as the world can remember. In 2019, the Kingdom decided it wanted to welcome the world in to experience its hidden treasures and rich culture. 

To do this, the Kingdom partnered with global digital agency, MediaMonks, to design and deliver the next generation of tourism. I was brought on by the agency to devise the experience strategy that would underpin the Kingdom’s opening and the evolution of the platform that would make travelling to and through the Kingdom a truly unique experience. 

Watch the launch video



  • Matteo Grand: Experience strategy, touchpoint roadmap, User Experience design for phases 1 & 2 of roadmap
  • MediaMonks: Design and implementation

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