Helping people move their money in and out of Australia



Redesigned their foreign money transfer platform from the ground up.

Unified branding across all of the brand's touch points.

Developed a modular framework for the company to maintain their own website.

FlashFX was born from a desire to make foreign exchange better for everyday customers and businesses'​ alike – to offer them not only a more transparent and superior experience, but also a way to save money every step of the way.

Built on the blockchain, FlashFX provides an innovative service that brings the business of international payments into the twenty-first century, giving customers a faster and easier way to move money overseas that is both more transparent and cost efficient than the banks.

I was engaged to help bring consistency across their digital touch-points and redesign how people move their money into and out of Australia.



  • Matteo Grand: Research, experience design, team construction, project management, and client management.
  • Drew Kilpatrick: Website interface design.
  • Anton Sugianto: Web App interface design and animation design.

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