Connecting Audi owners with the brand


Audi Austraila

Audi Track helped reduce car thefts in Australia.

Audi Fleet Manager reduced the time to organise a test drive by over 25 minutes in some cases.

Audi Experience improved driver engagement with the Audi brand.

During my time at Holler I was responsible for the experience design for some of Audi's most pivotal business innovations, including Audi Track, Audi Experience, Audi Fleet Manager, and more.This work literally changed how Audi owners engaged not only with the brand, but with their cars.

R8 Blink

The Audi R8 is not only beautiful to look at, it is also insanely fast and its launch was a very significant moment for the Audi brand. It was Holler’s responsibility to deliver an experience that would not only do it justice, but excite even the most adrenaline hungry supercar fanatics.

We launched an immersive webGL experience utilising webcam enabled eye tracking to count the number of times the viewer blinked to show them what they missed in their blinks.

myAudi platform

There was no single place for Audi drivers to manage their entire ownership experience, so we delivered a platform for owners that connects every aspect of being an Audi owner, from servicing and car location, to a feature-rich loyalty programme.

Audi Track

Part of the myAudi platform, Audi Track is a sophisticated GPS tracking device for your Audi. With Audi Track, you se what’s going on inside your car with real time alerts on key components such as travel usage, driving performance, and vehicle monitoring. Alerts also provide information on how a shared vehicle is being driven, recording trips, destinations and driving behaviour. It is the best way to help protect and keep track of your Audi.

Audi Experience

Part of the myAudi platform and embodying the sophistication and passion of the Audi brand, Audi Experience is a bespoke program designed to offer Audi drivers access to exclusive benefits to enrich their Audi ownership.  

Audi Fleet Manager & Test Drive

Because there was no single way for Audi Australia to view and manage their fleet across the country and the check-out process for test drives was arduously slow, we created Audi Fleet Manager and Test Drive. Fleet Manager is a single source of truth for the Audi Australia brand, giving them visibility over where every car is in their fleet, and who is driving it. With the Test Drive app, checking out a car for a test drive is now as easy as a customer selecting a car, scanning their drivers licence, digitally signing an insurance waiver, and off they go!



  • Matteo Grand: User Experience design
  • Holler: Strategy and Implementation

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