Working together should be easy breezy.

Below are a bunch of services I provide to business big and small. For some, I work solo; for others, I curate the perfect team. If you're not sure what you need, that's fine too. Let's start a conversation and we can work it out together.

Rapid ideation workshop

A workshop to help you and a few colleagues get alignment and reframe the value you’re creating for your customers.

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Design Thinking Workshops

Half-day to 2-day workshops that help your team embrace & implement Design Thinking. I'll bring someone to help me.

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Business kick-starter

I'll create a brand identity for your new venture and design you some beautiful business cards and a small website.

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1 Week Design Sprint

I'll work with a team of product experts to design, prototype, and test solutions for your customers on the fly, in the wild.

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6 Week Proof of Concept

I'll work with a team of product experts to design, build, and test a new product that solves a customer problem in 6 weeks.

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Happy clients

"Matteo has been a proactive, active member of our digital cohort for years, delivering ideas and solutions that I value highly and that have delivered great business outcomes. Keep being awesome! "


"The strategy Matteo created for a big platform project on an international client landed perfectly and solves a lot of problems along the customer journey. He collaborated well to bring this strategy to life and we look forward to our next project together."


"The innovation workshop you ran really helped our team gain clarity and alignment. Excited for what is to come."

Thomas Miller

"Our currency transfer website and platform are now beautiful and so much more intuitive for our customers to use. Really happy with the outcome of working with Matteo."


"Really happy with the way things are progressing, especially knowing that we’ve got all the fundamentals and framework ready after all the work you’ve done... The platform is ready to handle all the things that we hope to achieve this year and beyond!"


"I really trust Matteo's professional opinion and abilities. He’s always been helpful and accessible whenever I need anything and he has helped me transform my business!"

Jessica Yolanda Kaye